But for Ohio State..

Getting out of bed today was a little tougher than usual. Wrapped in a warm cocoon of blankets with the space heater blasting, I was living the dream (literally) while it was 5 degrees outside.

The colder it is, the harder it is to get out of bed, and the likelier that I will be late to my first scheduled activity of the day (my office is flexible, and within walking distance, else this simply wouldn’t be possible).

morris1Cold weather often puts things into perspective. For instance, snow’s well-documented ability to frame the pavement that is actually needed. Behold, the sneckdown (a curb “neckdown,” where the curb tapers into the roadway, made by snow). It’s the most cost-effective, most comprehensive streetscape initiative ever implemented, and the forecast is for lots of them, in every neighborhood.

And it looks great – though its maintenance requires some good luck – what streetscape doesn’t?

Today as I trudged to a meeting on campus, I couldn’t help but realize why I love the northern United States. It’s cold, old, dark, and wet (allergies) – but the seasons are unmatched anywhere, except perhaps Central Europe. That we have seasons means our cities evolve by the month. Of course, fall is widely-regarded as the best season in these parts.

As I entered Ohio State’s campus, past the Neil Avenue Gates, it was just one of those iconic “But for Ohio State..” postcard scenes. Every Buckeye knows Mirror Lake. Ohio State is a city, perhaps even separate than Columbus. It succeeds as a city that leverages its aesthetic beauty into practical advantages. It would be interesting to track the enrollment rate of graduating high school kids who may have visited today (versus other days), and saw this:

mirror lake.jpg

A winter wonderland, “but for Ohio State.”


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