They’re coming for my favorite vacant lots


I always loved the way that this vacant lot at Grant and Oak streets, in downtown Columbus, reflected the mural shown above. In many ways this quiet, forgotten corner of Columbus’ expansive downtown illustrates the beauty of neglect found in so many rust belt scenes and increasingly rarely elsewhere in Columbus itself. The perfect angle to get these lovers’ reflection in the ponding street requires the setback granted by the gated vacant parcel in the foreground.

Six-Story Mixed-Use Building Planned for Capital University Lot Downtown

Well not anymore. Columbus Underground is reporting that this lot will soon see a six-story, mixed-use building developed as a joint partnership between Capital Law School and Pizzuti. The latter being one of the nation’s most sophisticated developers, I have no doubt this project will be of the utmost quality, but gone will be the simplistic beauty of this corner on a lonely, dreary day.

So it goes in a “booming” city. That said, great site for such a development.


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